About Caroline

Caroline is a registered Melbourne based psychologist with over 15 years experience who has worked in a variety of contexts. She has worked at a leading  Hospital in Mental Health for a number of years, working with children, adolescents, and adults presenting with a wide range of complex difficulties. Along side her hospital work, Caroline has also seen clients in her own successful private practice.  Prior to that she worked in the UK specialising in early intervention in mental health. Caroline has also completed post graduate studies in child and adolescent mental health, family, parenting and couple therapy.

Caroline’s specific areas of interest in therapy includes the assessment and treatment of depression and anxiety in both young people and adults. She also works with relationship issues, sleep difficulties, anger management, self esteem, behavioural problems, parent work, self harm and complex mental health issues including low prevalence mental health disorder and personality disorders.  Along side her clinical work, Caroline has an interest in working individually with athletes, business people and students wishing to improve their performance in high pressure settings. Caroline has worked with a number of high profile clients including athletes, media personalities and clients involved in court cases with high media interest.

Caroline has been trained in and uses cognitive behavioural therapy, acceptance and commitment therapy and mindfulness as her main therapeutic approaches but also incorporates other therapies such as psychodynamic techniques, interpersonal and narrative therapy.

Caroline’s approach to working with people, regardless of why they have sought help, it that of compassion, understanding and being fully present. Although the experience and therapeutic orientation of a psychologist is important, Caroline believes that ultimately it is the connection and relationship between therapist and the client that can make the biggest difference.  Caroline strives to nurture that relationship in helping people overcome difficulties and making changes in their lives.Psychologist Melbourne