Mindfulness is a hot topic in current psychology and the media.  It is gaining more and more attention along with more research to scientifically back up the benefits.  It is not a new concept, with its roots stemming from Buddhism, yoga and even martial arts. But what exactly is Mindfulness? It is basically about feeling more balanced, being in-tune with the present and able to respond to life with openness, clarity and acceptance.

Caroline is passionate about mindfulness and is committed to supporting people to learn the skills and benefits of paying more attention to the here and now. She is an avid mindfulness practitioner not only professionally but personally as well. Being authentic, present, open and accepting are values which she lives by. Caroline is inspired to engage with people by emphsising the connection and relationship between herself and her clients/audience.

Caroline ultises mindfulness in individual therapy as part of the treatment of anxiety, depression and other problems. She is also a Mindfulness Coach where clients can receive one to one training on mindfulness to improve general wellbeing.  Caroline enjoys educating and inspiring people about mindfulness through workplace training, organisational and professional development, workshops and motivational speaking.

When delivering training on Mindfulness, the topics covered include

  • The fundamentals of mindfulness and meditation
  • Understanding the stress cycle – Fight or Flight
  • The mind-body connection – stress response compared to the relaxation response
  • The latest brain-science research
  • How mindfulness can improve workplace, academic and sporting performance
  • Practice in many forms of mindfulness such as grounding, managing emotions, acceptance, awareness, automatic self talk, meditation, breathing and visualization
  • Support to help people find a mindfulness style that works for them
  • Gratitude and compassion
  • Guided experiential practice of mindfulness techniques in the session