Performance Psychology

Caroline is the founder of Performance Edge Psychology and delivers workshops/skill building seminars to athletes, coaches, businesses and schools. Caroline teaches mindfulness techniques to increase resilience under pressure and help individuals and teams perform more consistently.  Her sessions look at the high pressure and high performing environments and the role mindfulness plays. She assists athletes, coaches and professionals to understand emotions, how emotions and thoughts affect behaviours and teaches skills around acceptance, mindful mindsets and defusion. She also explores value driven action rather than simple goal setting in the sporting environments and looks at team culture.  By increasing understanding about the brain and learning how mindfulness helps break behaviour patterns, we can change the way we relate to emotions, reduce stress, and improve performance. Research suggests that mindfulness exercises can help to generate “flow”, or a state of complete focus on the task at hand.  Mindfulness interventions for sports are effective because they help athletes direct their attention to the task, while minimizing the effects of external distractions and negative self talk (we can’t stop or push away negative self talk but we can choose to pay less attention to it). Mindfulness brings greater self awareness and reduces negative responses to difficult or challenging events, self doubt and fear of failure.

Caroline is a former Olympian (2004) in the sport of Taekwondo and represented Australia at World Cups and World Championships. She utilises her psychology skills as well as her experience of being an Olympic athlete to help motivate and assist people within individual therapy and when delivering training/seminars. She enjoys educating and inspiring people through workplace training, organisational and professional development, workshops and motivational speaking.

Caroline is passionate about mindfulness and other techniques and is committed to supporting people to learn the skills and benefits of paying more attention to the here and now. Caroline is inspired to engage with people by emphasizing the connection and relationship between herself and her clients/audience.

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